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Jason Wittler

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Mail Log info - 02:52pm Oct 25, 2021 CDT - Where can i find info in the log files for this bounce back ??

Error when opening SMTP stream
GETQUOTA no such quota root
GETQUOTA no such quota root
SMTP greeting failure: 421 SMTP connection went away!

Add-Ins Pop-up - 11:34am Nov 4, 2019 CDT - Are they a way to disable this pop-up from popping up? Thanks

Caleandar Invites / Accept / Declins - 07:20am Sep 30, 2019 CDT - Thank for the update. Looking forward to the fix.

Outlook with MDaemon Connector hanging, crashing, freezing - 06:52am Sep 26, 2019 CDT - Any luck on this?

Calendar Invites / Accept / Declines - 10:40am Sep 24, 2019 CDT - We are having users with Outlook 365 home and pro with Mdaemon connector 6.0.2 going to not responding when they receive an invite or a reply that the user had accepted it or declined it. Anybody had this problem ?? Mdaemon server is up to date .


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