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John Devine

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When RBLs Go Bad - 04:03am Feb 14, 2021 CDT - Morning all, I was sent this today, I was using this RBL, but have now stopped using it......


Forcing Client TLS 1.2 at MD level - 07:10am Mar 12, 2020 CDT - Is there anyway within MD to force TLS 1.2 for clients ie imap/smtp/msa, but not on port 25 for server to server stuff? I don't want to block 1.0 or 1.1 at server level as this could affect port 25 traffic.

Mdaemon Backup and Backblaze - 05:31pm Mar 10, 2019 CDT - Hi, has anyone tried Backblaze backup on a win10 machine ? Since installing it on a 15 day trial I have had a few MD crashes. Otherwise it is quite nice...


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