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Maxime Grave

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XML API - Managing Security - 04:58am Feb 7, 2019 CDT - Hi Keith,

I understand. Maybe one day.

Do you have some informations on "ServerConfig" operation ?..

XML API - Managing Security - 04:58am Feb 7, 2019 CDT - Hi,

I'm currently configuring an MDaemon server only with API.

But i don't see anything to configure SpamFilter, DKIM Verification, IPScreen, HostScreen, SPF check...

Is it a limitation on XML API ?..

XML API - GetUserInfo & Quotas - 04:07am Feb 1, 2019 CDT - Hi Keith,

Great ! It's works pretty well.

Just weird that "MaxDiskSpace" return a value in Ko (Kb), but "DiskSpace" return a value in Octets (b) which is a bit confusing...

XML API - GetUserInfo & Quotas - 05:04pm Feb 1, 2019 CDT - Hi,

I'm using XML API with Operation "GetUserInfo" to catch current quotas for an account.

It's working pretty well with the following example :

(Request encoding="utf-8" version="18.5.1")

But i try to catch quotas for all account on a specific domain.

I've try to use "*" on Mailbox parameters but it doesnt work...

XML API - Command not supported EASDevices - 04:55am Jan 30, 2019 CDT - Hi Keith,

It's working pretty well with this request and parameters.

I'm managing MDaemon servers for more than 11 years now. So i'll keep trying to use all API functions to see what's working great or not...


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