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Mo Alli

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Duplicate email if to group and individual user - 09:46am Jun 13, 2019 CDT - Anyway to stop emails that are sent to a list as well as an individual not to hit his mailbox twice?

Mailing list ( parts@domain.com) of which someone@domain.com is a member...

HOW TO replicate Exchange Distribution Group in MDaemon - 12:01pm Jun 11, 2019 CDT - If you use Active Directory, you can setup your groups there, setup the same group in Mdaemon and use the Active Directory searching filter to pull those members from AD.

Therefore using only AD to manage the members.

Help with CF rule on incoming mail - 05:17pm Apr 18, 2019 CDT - I was able to figure it out, thanks

Help with CF rule on incoming mail - 05:17pm Apr 18, 2019 CDT - Hi, I have a barracuda filter handing mail off to Mdaemon and need help setting up a CF.

I'd like to setup CF for mails coming to a certain person to append ***SPAM*** in the subject line, if it contains the following in the subject:

|subscription|mailing|subscribing|confirm|Welcome to|activation|verify|registration|activate|your account|verification|signing up|registering|new account|username and password|registered|welcome|password|account details|verify your|

Would also like to move these messages to the users Junk.IMAP folder.

How To --) Message Recall - Outlook 2016 with Outlook Connector - 08:01am Feb 28, 2019 CDT - Message recall could be enabled in Outlook 2016 using Quick Steps.

Create new Quick Step

Action --) Forward as attachment

Enter mailadmin email

Change Subject to: recall

Give it an appropriate name (Message Recall)

Change the icon (I used the Undo Button)

Give it a tooltip if you want to.

Turn on Recall (I have mine set for 2 mins)

After email is sent, go to sent items and select email...


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