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Outlook with MDaemon Connector hanging, crashing, freezing - 04:06pm Dec 8, 2021 CDT - Just a followup at the end of 2021, now with the recent update to server version 21.5.0 and MDaemon Connector v 7.0.5.

Hanging/crashing/freezing still occurs just as often as my original post more than two years ago. Except for removing basically all email with attachments from each inbox, no settings changes or tweaks have improved the Outlook experience for our users...

WorldClient filter and Categories - 10:15am Dec 7, 2021 CDT - WorldClient filters only allow me to move, delete, forward or redirect. Does anyone know how to create a filter to assign to a specific category (like Outlook rules lets me do)?

Resource calendar suggestions? - 02:50pm Oct 7, 2021 CDT - Thanks. I have implemented both as you suggest and they work well for my purposes. I cannot get those to display using ActiveSync for tablet, android, or Outlook...

Resource calendar suggestions? - 03:20pm Oct 7, 2021 CDT - Can anyone suggest one or more ways to use MDaemon for resource scheduling? For example, one scenario is to provide users a way to reserve a time slot for our conference room. Another scenario is a vacation calendar as a resource schedule, which allows up to seven users to block out their time-off/vacation days in a calendar visible only to those users...

Thousands of password expiration notifications to me - 09:53am Jun 28, 2021 CDT - For the record, Arron graciously sent me an updated MDAirSync.dll file, which I placed in the /MDaemon/WorldClient/HTML folder.

Problem solved!


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