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Evgenij Smirnov

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Getting aliases by MDUserCOM - 03:04am Apr 29, 2019 CDT - OK, never mind. Found the file C:/MDaemon/App/Alias.dat. It has all the info I need.

Getting aliases by MDUserCOM - 02:58am Apr 29, 2019 CDT - Hi,

that's too bad. Any other ideas how to get this data programmatically?

Thanks a lot


Getting aliases by MDUserCOM - 07:04am Apr 29, 2019 CDT - Hi Community,

my first post her so if I am violating any unwritten rules, please bear with me.

I am struggling to get a user's aliases by means of the MDUserCOM API. CreateAlias() and DeleteAlias() work fine, but how do I list the alises a user has attached to her mailbox in the first place?..


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