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Cycle forwarding - 01:31am Jun 22, 2021 CDT - I confirm that the MaxRedirects option does indeed limit the number of redirects. After decreasing this value to 1 two-way forwarding is not possible, preventing a potential problem.

Many thanks.

Cycle forwarding - 11:55pm Jun 15, 2021 CDT - MDaemon version 21.0.1
Even 10 times for each message more than enough to bring server down. For example message size near acceptable limit (50, 100 MB) * 10 times * number of unical messages.

Is the way to tune available number of forwards?

Cycle forwarding - 01:31am Jun 22, 2021 CDT - Iíve discovered that cycle forwarding is possible in MDaemon.

If one local account enable forwarding to other local account and vice versa infinite forwarding cycle starts. Users mailboxes and local queue overflowed, server performance significantly decreases...

RESTARTCF.SEM does not restart CFEngine.exe - 07:56am May 21, 2021 CDT - Semaphore file RESTARTCF.SEM does not restart CFEngine.exe process.

Message in system log appears:

RESTARTCF.SEM semaphore file found and processed

File restartcf.sem deletes from \MDaemon\App directory but CFEngine.exe hungs and do not restart.

MDaemon ver...

Outbreak Protection for senders in the address book - 01:05pm May 21, 2021 CDT - Why does Outbreak Protection ignore the white list settings in the address book? For example, if sender is in the recipient's address book, but the OP verification ends with:

  • Spam result: 4 - Spam (confirmed)

    and the message is rejected:

    -) 550 5.7.1 Sorry, message looks like spam or phish to me (OP)

    How can I turn off Outbreak Protection for senders in the address book?

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