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Olivier Mascia

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Upgrade from 12.5.8 to 19.0 - 09:24am Sep 23, 2019 CDT - I wanted to say thank you for your answer.
It happens that I moved quicker and before reading you.
Went straight from 12.5.8 to 19.0.3 (32 bits), fixed some minor issues, then to 19.0.3 (64 bits)...

Upgrade from 12.5.8 to 19.0 - 09:28am Sep 16, 2019 CDT - Self-answering a lot of things.
Newer keys are not accepted by such old version. Not a problem (upgrading to trial, then registering)...

Upgrade from 12.5.8 to 19.0 - 09:24am Sep 23, 2019 CDT - Hello,
I'm a very old time user of MDaemon (since small one digit major versions), but after living mostly on beta versions for years, our server was left at 12.5.8. We are today renewing (actually purchasing a new license with 2 years maintenance because our old count of users is not meaningful at all today).
The server VM running the old instance (12.5.8 !) has just been upgraded from Server 2008 R2 to Server 2016 and 12.5.8 still runs nicely (except WebAdmin, but that's just a transient issue, so I don't worry)...


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