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Linda Guild

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email refused when sending to mail.protection.outlook.com - 01:37pm Dec 2, 2019 CDT - Hi,

What is the right format to whitelist for STARTTTLS?


email refused when sending to mail.protection.outlook.com - 04:57pm Dec 26, 2019 CDT - Hi,

We are suddenly having an issue when sending to someone who uses mail.protection.outlook.com. It will connect and then the other side will disconnect. Attached is what we are seeing for an error...

some emails blocked - 04:41pm Nov 8, 2019 CDT - Hi,

We have some people who no longer can email us. The error we are getting is
--> 220 2.7.0 Ready to start TLS

  • SSL error 0x80090308 The token supplied to the function is invalid SMTP session terminated (Bytes in/out: 550/278)

    We are receiving email from most other people.


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