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v.20 Dynamic Screening Question - 10:18am Aug 18, 2020 CDT -

Is the option to use secure passwords enabled?  You can find the setting by going to Accounts / Account Settings / Other / Passwords.


Are you using a configuration session or the main MD UI?


When this happens, what are you doing in the UI?


The next time it occurs, open task manager and check the mdaemon.exe processes.  There could be multiple MDaemon.exe processes, we will need the information, including PID (Process ID), and memory usage for each MDaemon.exe process that is running along with an updated copy of the error.


Basically the error includes the PID of the process that generates the error, we want to see if it is coming from the main MD process or the configuration session.


If you edit the userlist.dat file using notepad (or your favorite text editor) in the MDaemon\app directory and remove the line for the MDaemon account, save the file and restart MDaemon, does it fix the issue?


Before making any changes to the userlist.dat file you should make a backup of it.  The file is space delimited so you need to be very careful when editing it.  Removing an entire line will not cause any issues, but if you remove extra spaces from other lines, it will cause issues.



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I am testing v.20 upgraded from v.18.52 and see the following entries in the Plug-Ins / Dynamic Screening window. Anyone know how to deciper these lines?


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