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Costas Papaconstantinou

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Empty emails - 12:48pm Mar 3, 2021 CDT - We are using outlook connector 7.0.2, mdaemon 21.0.0 version and Microsoft outlook 16.

Empty emails - 02:33am Oct 23, 2021 CDT - Hello there,

After the last update i am facing the same problem with 5-6 users.
When they are sending an email the recipient receives an empty email. Even in the user sent items the email it is empty...

Address Book - 12:45am Oct 20, 2020 CDT - Thanks for the reply,

I have just created a test account but it is not shown in my outlook contacts. Is there something else needed to be done from my site in order everybody has the email server accounts in outlook?

Address Book - 07:33am Oct 20, 2020 CDT - Hello there,

Could you please let me know if there is another way to create global addressbook without the LDAP protocol?


Message recall problem - 12:43am Sep 9, 2020 CDT - Hello there,

Due to the GDPR we are interested to recall messages outside the organisation. I tried it with my gmail account and it didn't work.

Now i have enabled the options you suggested and it doesn't work internally or outside the organisation.


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