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... sent messages are not saved now. - 09:00am Mar 8, 2021 CDT -

Hi Edmund,
Do you have multiple accounts setup in Outlook?
Are the sent messages completely missing from the sent items folder or are the messages in the sent items folder and just missing the body?
When you login to the same account from a different computer, are you using Outlook, webmail, Outlook with MDaemon Connector, or something else?
We have fixed an issue in the current beta with messages having a blank body in the sent items.  It sounds like your issue may be different though, in which case I'd like to get as many details as we can so that we can try to reproduce it.
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On Fri, 5 Mar 2021 12:38:33 -0500, "lists-oc-support@mdaemon.com (Edmund Cramp)" <lists-oc-support@mdaemon.com> wrote:
I'm attaching installation two logs, one from the machine that's working fine and a second log from the machine that does not get a copy of the sent messages. Maybe this might help.

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