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Problem with message synchronization - 11:06am Mar 30, 2021 CDT - From: noreply@uos.ru [mailto:noreply@uos.ru]
Sent: No
To: Administrator@uos.ru
Cc: User@uos.ru
Subject: Notification of a corrupted message (User@uos.ru/Mailbox/&BB4EQgQ, BEAEMAQyBDsENQQ9BD0ESwQ1-/md5001000000052)

User Name(User@uos.ru) cannot synchronize a message in session 0025A746 from the collection CI-00000000000000000000000000005 (Mailbox/ & BB4EQgQ, BEAEMAQyBDsENQQ9BD0ESwQ1 -). It is possible that the MIME structure of this message is the cause of problems in the server operation.

Email address :User@uos.ru
Client Type : WindowsOutlook15
Client ID : 4436FCC23B714B51A8CBE5602FE276F5
IP address :
Protocol Version: 14.0
Path : Mailbox/ & BB4EQgQ, BEAEMAQyBDsENQQ9BD0ESwQ1-
Collection ID : CI-00000000000000000000000000005
Object ID : md5001000000052

Review the AirSync log entries to diagnose and resolve issues, or contact your global administrator...


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