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Ilia Mashkin

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Dynamic Screening is grey - 01:29pm Apr 16, 2021 CDT - When installer finished i see error like regsvr32 <something elase, dont remember> file not found

I just run downloaded installer, not Run as Administrator. But my rights is Administrator

Dynamic Screening is grey - 12:50pm Apr 16, 2021 CDT -

I have no Security / Dyanamic Screening menu item in MDaemon UI, but

regsvr32 /s \MDaemon\App\DynScrn.dll and restart MDaemon service solve this problem !

Dynamic screening is working now

Dynamic Screening is grey - 01:42pm Apr 16, 2021 CDT - Hi !

I have MD 21.0.0 trial license for test and i see Dynamic Screening is grey. I cant change any setting...


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