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Global administrators - 08:58am Aug 13, 2021 CDT -

How do I determine whether a user is a global administrator?

There are quite some ways to determine if a user is a domain administrator:

  1. MD_GetIsAdmin(MD_HANDLE hUser); macro → bool MD_GetWebConfigBit(hUser, MDUSERDLL_ISADMIN);
  2. MD_GetUserInfo(MD_HANDLE hUser, MD_UserInfo* userInfo);bool userInfo.IsDomainAdmin;
  3. bool isDomainAdmin = MD_GetIsDomainAdmin(MD_HANDLE hUser, const char* DomainName);

But I can't find a bool MD_GetIsGlobalAdmin(MD_HANDLE hUser).

Instead, should I iterate on MD_GetDomainNames() and call MD_GetIsDomainAdmin() for each one and AND the results?

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