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Windows server 2022 supported? Mdaemon activesync ? - 02:33pm Dec 7, 2021 CDT -

We have not completed our testing of Server 2022 yet.

 >They want to see each others mail when someone sents something to a customer. ( think that thats the use of the >outlook connector?) .

MDaemon supports the sharing of email folders when using webmail, IMAP, MDaemon Connector, and ActiveSync. If you want to share PIM folders (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes) you need to use webmail, MDaemon Connector or ActiveSync. You cannot see PIM items via IMAP.  I'd recommend testing all the options before purchasing to see which one works best for you.  Don't forget to enable the synching of shared mailboxes in ActiveSync by going to Setup / ActiveSync / Tuning / Global Client Settings Defaults.  Check the box for Shared folders near the bottom of the dialog.  This will enable the synching of shared folders by default for all users/domains.  You can also configure it per domain, per user, and per device.

Since you want to sync phones too, you may want to consider using ActiveSync to sync data to Outlook and to user's phones. 

>But they also want to use the mail on their phones...


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