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Outlook with MDaemon Connector hanging, crashing, freezing

[Wyatt, Martin]
Martin Wyatt
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Martin Wyatt - 11:23am, Jun 14 2019

My users are ready to revolt and I'm dumbfounded, so I'm seeking suggestions or experiences you've had.

I have 400 users. Of those, 100 use Outlook 2013 with MDaemon Connector. A few months ago we migrated from Office 365 to MDaemon. Of course, Outlook worked flawlessly with Office 365, but even with new Outlook profiles and MD Connector we have problems with most of those users experiencing hanging/freezing of Outlook. Often during email creation, especially when an attachment has already been added, but other times when Outlook is sitting idle. The app just goes gray saying "Outlook not responding" and after several minutes it may recover, other times hangs indefinitely requiring us to End Task, and other times Outlook crashes and states it has crashed and will restart.

Occurs on Outlook 2013, 2016 and 2019.

It's odd because it's intermittent and inconsistent for each user. Sometimes one will experience it 10-12 times hanging/freezing/crashing during a single day and then smooth sailing for days. Others get the hanging/freezing/crashing once a day, but that's about it.

I've blocked realtime antivirus access to the Alt-N folder
I've uninstalled antivirus, only using Windows 10's Windows Defender
I've done Office repair
I've completely uninstalled, including cleansing to remove Office remnants, and reinstalled
I've tried different versions of Connector, including beta
I've changed MDC folders settings to Load PIM and IMAP synchronously
I've set Send/Receive to only check Inbox
I've set compact database on Outlook shutdown
I've removed all add-ins except Connector

None of this has helped.

Here are some stats about two Outlook clients that frequently freeze:
- His Local cache is 404,416 KB and Attachments folder = 10,415 items and 2.75GB in size
- My own Local Cache is 417,812 KB and Attachments folder = 466 items and 46 MB in size

The first one experiences hanging/freezing/crashing constantly, whereas I only get it once a day or overy other day.

Is the Attachments Folder item quantity and/or size a culprit?

I know you may be thinking "Wow you have too much email, that's why it's freezing!" I accept that for some of our users with 24,000 emails in their inbox. That's definitely too much email. But this is also happening to users with only a few hundred emails sprinkled throughout various Outlook folders. So the "too much email" excuse is anecdotal and not applicable in our situation. Consider this - one user that successfully housed 45GB of email in their Outlook OST file with Office 365 with no hanging/freezing/crashing is currently experiencing hanging/freezing/crashing with only 12GB of email.

In our case the Outlook OST database file appears a superior solution compared with MDaemon Connector. But OST is obviously not a solution for us, we're committed to MDaemon. And I love the product. But I also have many impatient Outlook users who need calendar integration. So I really do welcome other suggestions.

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Tony Burtovoy - Apr 8, 2021 8:50 am (#17 Total: 28)  


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Tony Burtovoy
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We see it here too, and also have seen it randomly over the years with several OC versions. Currently 100% patched MD latest, OC latest. Yesterday I even clean uninstalled Office, ran the office cleanup tool, ran the .NET repair tool and clean re-installed Office and all MS updates.. then re-installed OC connector and setup everything from scratch. Worked great for 24 hours until the user (with a particularly large calendar) experienced it again - with a very clean office/OC installation.

From all of my experience with this, it seems to be related to users with large calendars (calendar.mrk). ..and the lockup typically occurs when the user receives a meeting invitation that tries to then update something in the background (maybe an internet calendar or a read-receipt maybe? ..or possibly invitation tracking (updating who has receive/accepted the invite)............. or lockups occur when manually accepting a meeting invite (probably same background process is happening, trying to update something).

As one previous user said, it could very well be calendar events with large attachments.. or zoom meetings with HTTP locations... or something to do with update tracking.. but it's 100% related to calendars, meetings and users with large calendars.... and the receiving/sending of meeting invites. Thats why it seems random. Users with tiny calendars rarely see the issue in my workplace.

Alt-n: Please focus on whats going on behind the scenes when Outlook processes meeting invites automatically and what outlook is doing with meeting updates, meeting attachments, tracking and foreign calendars. Something happens in the background during these moments that has been imperfect for a long time.


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