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Broken encoding for the GetUserInfo operation

[Shalaev, Pavel]
Pavel Shalaev
Posts: 9
Pavel Shalaev - 12:55am, Sep 2 2021


When I try to perform the GetUserInfo operation for some accounts the FullName attribute has a broken encoding. This can be seen in the screenshot.


Brocken encoding.png (65 KB)

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Pavel Shalaev - Sep 3, 2021 1:14 am (#5 Total: 8)  


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Pavel Shalaev
Posts: 9
The lines are copied from the UserList.dat file, because they are displayed correctly there. The installation language is Russian. This is a problem with only a few accounts. It is possible that the encoding breaks with certain letter combinations. For example, if you use a combination of Russian characters '' or ''. If you remove one letter from the word, the account is displayed correctly via the XML API.

No broken encoding

Brocken encoding2

Keith Personett (apparently) - Sep 3, 2021 11:48 am (#6 Total: 8)  

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Keith Personett
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Ok, we’ve determined the issue…


That string tests positive as UTF-8 within our xml implementation (even though it is not truly valid UTF-, so it is not getting converted… which produces garbage characters when emitted.


We have a solution which should be in the next 21.5 Beta which most likely is due out next week. If you are not a member of our Beta-Testing Community, I would highly recommend it.




If you are using Secure Authentication, so that no passwords are in your userlist.dat, I would very much like to get a subset of your userlist.dat that contains just the records that cause problems. If you could zip up that data and upload it to our ftp server, it would be greatly appreciated and would help us avoid this problem in the future. If not using Secure Authentication, you could fill the password fields with spaces.


ftp server credentials


Server: r2d2.altn.com

Logon: Uploader

Password: incoming



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