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MD_SetAutoRespInfo and MD_GetAutoRespInfo

[Pohlmann, Charl]
Charl Pohlmann
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Charl Pohlmann - 05:40am, Jun 28 2019

Good day,

I don't know if I'm just thick, or if there is a mistake in the API documentation, but I would appreciate some help.

The API documentation @ (a href='http://files.altn.com/MDaemon/release/md-api.html#MD_GetAutoRespInfo' target='_new')MD_GetAutoRespInfo(/a) shows the function signature as:
void MD_GetAutoRespInfo(
  MD_HANDLE hUser // handle to a valid account record
  MD_AutoResponder* AutoResponder // pointer to MD_AutoResponder struct

but then proceeds to talk about other parameters.

At first I thought that the parameters were simply passed in the same order in which they appear in the structure, but they are not, because the Start and End times are never even specified or passed.

Is this correct, or should I hang up my programming gloves?


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jonathan.merkel@mdaemon.com - Jul 22, 2019 5:23 pm (#5 Total: 5)  

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The COM API predates those fields and is not able to set them.  Please use the XML or C++ APIs to set them.
Jonathan Merkel
Director of Application Development
e: jonathan.merkel@mdaemon.com

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Subject: [md-api] MD_SetAutoRespInfo and MD_GetAutoRespInfo

Hello Keith,

Can you please explain how the COM user API is used to set the schedule on an AutoResponse?

Although the MD-API.html file talks about the autoresponse structure, which includes the fields for setting the schedule, this is nowhere to be found in the COM library.

struct MD_AutoResponder
  bool Enabled,
  char Script[MAX_PATH+1],
  char Process[MAX_PATH+1],
  char Exclude[AUTORESPEXCLUDE_LEN+1],
  char AddToList[EMAIL_LEN+1],
  char RemoveFromList[EMAIL_LEN+1],
  char StartTime[TIME_LEN+1], (== missing in COM library
  char EndTime[TIME_LEN+1], (== missing in COM library
  bool PassMessage,
  int Days, (== missing in COM library

These fields are absent when using the MDUser.SetAutoRespInfo function as explained in MDCOM-API.html

In the attached images you will note that I am using C# to write a plugin, but that the COM function SetAutoRespInfo does not expose any parameters for setting a schedule. Is this an omission in the COM library or do I need to manually update the AutoResp.dat file? This seems counter intuitive.

I am developing on 19.0.3b


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