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[Announce] MDaemon 11 Beta, WorldClient Power User Tips, Improved Forums, and Product Updates

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scott.smith@altn.com - 12:38pm, Nov 30 2009
Interactive Marketing Manager, Alt-N Technologies

November 2009

•  MDaemon 11 Beta
•  Improved Community Forums
•  Mobile Device Survey
•  WorldClient Power User Tips
•  SecurityGateway 2.0.2 Update

In This Issue:

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•  Did You Know?
•  Product Updates
•  Community
New Versions of MDaemon Planned for 2010

The New Year will bring with it newer versions of the MDaemon Email Server. Version 11 is planned to launch in February and will include enhancements to mobility features as well as additional capabilities in the WorldClient web mail application. A version 12 is also planned for mid-2010. If your MDaemon subscription is coming due, completing your renewal will be the most economical way for you to upgrade to the newer versions as soon as they are released.

Look for feature enhancements to be announced in future newsletters or access the discussions in the MDaemon Forums. If you would like to contribute to MDaemon's ongoing development, be sure to join the Beta testing community.
MDaemon 6 Support to be Discontinued

Alt-N Technologies will soon be discontinuing technical support for MDaemon version 6.0. There are significant differences in security, features, and functionality in MDaemon 10 versus previous versions. Safeguard your company’s messaging communications by upgrading your software license to the latest version and downloading the latest version.
New & Improved Community Forums

We have recently launched an improved Community Forums area in response to user requested features. This update provides an enhanced, easier-to-use GUI interface that makes the forums friendlier to first-time users and much easier to navigate for existing users. Power users will continue to access the features and functionality that they have been used to via their current means of accessing the Forums either through a newsreader or email.

Alt-N Technologies' Community Forums are a great resource for first-time users to collaborate with experienced users. Product beta information is often discussed in the forums as well. Some of the new features include:

•  Rating badges allow users to check
   credibility ratings of posters.
•  Information in user's profile is now
   displayed in postings, including:
   products they are using, avatar, number
   of posts, and level ranking – depending
   on number of previous postings.
•  Postings are now able to be sorted by
   new posts versus previously read, post
   title, author, views, and last message;
   and can be subscribed to via RSS.
•  Each posting and reply is now shown in
   its own box to make it easier to read.
•  New messages will now be able to be
   posted using HTML via a Formatting bar,
   including access to emoticons.
•  Forums are much easier to navigate with
   all new navigation icons and an easy to
   follow breadcrumb bar.
Community Forums
Please Take Our Brief Mobile Device Survey

Please take 5 minutes to provide feedback on mobile device use and preferences at your organization. Your feedback is important to us!
Manage Multiple Email Accounts using WorldClient and ComAgent

ComAgent is MDaemon's secure instant messaging system, address book client, and tray applet that provides quick access to WorldClient's email features. Keep ComAgent running in your tray and have it attached to as many WorldClient accounts as you'd like. This is an efficient process and it means you can keep fewer browser tabs running for a clutter free experience. WorldClient webmail is included with MDaemon Email Server.
Tips for Being a WorldClient Power User

Use keyboard shortcuts like the up and down keyboard arrows in the WorldClient list view to navigate between messages - keyboard shortcuts can save 50% in navigation time compared to moving your hand with a mouse.

Dragging and dropping is an easy way to transfer data between folders. You can drag messages from the message list into other folders which can be handy for managing a to-do folder. Holding the CTRL key as you drag will copy the message to the target folder. This functionality is available in WorldClient for MDaemon version 10 and later, while using the "LookOut" theme.
Faster Mail on the Road, Even With a Poor Connection

Have a slow or poor Internet connection? WorldClient can speed up retrieval of your mail. Instead of using WorldClient's "LookOut" theme when you log into your email take advantage of the "Simple" theme when you're on a slow connection for fast, responsive access to your email and personal data.
SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP Servers
— 2.0.2 Now Available

This latest update of SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP Servers applies additional fixes to the earlier version. For a full listing of the updates, review the release notes for more information.

Start providing more powerful protection for your business by downloading today!
RelayFax Network Fax Manager
— 7.0.0 Coming in December

RelayFax Network Fax Manager 7.0.0 is coming with some exciting new features including Fax Over IP (FoIP) and an improved user interface. If you're not currently using RelayFax for your business, download a free 30-day trial to see the benefits of getting rid of the old clunky fax machine and to start enjoying faxing without leaving your desk.
Stay Current and Keep Your Business Protected

Renew your product license today to stay current with the latest releases of MDaemon Email Server for Windows and all of your Alt-N products.
Help Spread the Word

Help Alt-N Technologies' awareness in the user community by offering comments to any of the following web sites or providing a referral:

Refer A New Customer and You Can Save Money!
Did you know you can save even more on your next renewal when you refer a new customer to Alt-N? Refer a new customer and earn a 10% credit on your next renewal when your referral purchases MDaemon or SecurityPlus. Refer 5 new customers who buy, and that's 50% off your renewal! Plus, we will offer a 10% discount to each new customer you refer! Join the other Alt-N customers who are taking advantage of this program and submit your referral today!

Visit the Customer Referral Program page to get started or to learn more.

Now you can connect with over 200 other MDaemon professionals on the LinkedIn social network site. Request to join the MDaemon User Community.

Check out the latest MDaemon User Community discussion on personalizing WorldClient.

Check out our new YouTube.com channel featuring company profile information, product videos, and links to our partners' videos. Please help us to share this information by subscribing to our channel, commenting on our videos, and giving us friend status.

Are you one of the 400,000 members of the Spice Works Community? If so, cast your vote to keep MDaemon at the top of the "Best Email Server" list.

MSExchange.org & ServerFiles.com
Have you had a positive experience using SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP Servers? Help spread the word and let others know your success by visiting SecurityGateway's listings on MSExchange.org or ServerFiles.com.

CNET Download.com & Tucows.com
Do you think the MDaemon Email Server is a great messaging product? Help tell others by submitting a review at the bottom of Download.com's MDaemon Email Server page or Tucows' MDaemon Email Server for Windows page. Registration might be required on either site if you are not an existing member.

Be sure to add an RSS feed from the blog Everything MDaemon to your list of resources. It's another way to continue building a strong user community.
Newsletter Archive

Missed the last edition of News@Alt-N? Don't worry, because now all editions of News@Alt-N are archived on our Literature page. It's also a great place to find the latest product data sheets, white papers, product reviews, and case studies.

We would like to hear from you. If you have comments or suggestions on this specific newsletter, please let us know by sending an email to marketing@altn.com.


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