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[Announce] MDaemon 13.0.5 Released

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kevin.beatty@altn.com - 01:56pm, Mar 26 2013

Please note the following fixes in today's MDaemon release:
MDaemon 13.0.5 - March 26, 2013


  • [10852] fix to security vulnerabilities in MDaemon's IMAP server
  • [10475] fix to appointments (not meeting invitations) created by iOS devices via ActiveSync display differently on other iOS devices on the same account
  • [10483] fix to searching in the WorldClient LookOut theme's calendar year view
  • [10495] fix to times may be off by UTC offset when parsing calendar invite created by an iOS device
  • [10557] fix to ActiveSync requests may leak memory.  This causes the memory usage of WorldClient.exe to grow over time.
  • [10614] fix to an appointment changed by another user via WorldClient will show it as a meeting request on an ActiveSync device
  • [10624] fix to WorldClient users may receive a "The meeting location is occupied at that time" error message when creating event with location and time of an existing event. This was a holdover from an obsolete resource scheduling approach. The recommended approach is to create and invite a resource user that automatically accepts and declines calendar invites. This is compatible with all platforms that support calendar invites and free/busy lookups.
  • [10468] fix to in WorldClient when creating a meeting in a shared calendar, the attendee does not receive a meeting request
  • [10645] fix to when an ActiveSync user accepts an invite more than once in the iPhone mail application, the response message is sent to an invalid email address "<3>"
  • [10822] fix to meeting planner cannot edit an event synchronized to their Android device via ActiveSync
  • [10686] fix to Firefox printing message headers on a separate page from the body in the LookOut theme
  • [10676] fix to duplicate messages in Sent Items when using ActiveSync with BlackBerry 10
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