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[Smith, Scott]
Scott Smith
Scott Smith - 11:21am, Apr 20 2009
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April 2009

Welcome to News@Alt-N. Each month we bring you the latest information about products, recent developments, and tips intended to keep you informed with what is happening at <nobr>Alt-N Technologies.</nobr>

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New eLearning Course for MDaemon

We have updated the eLearning services to deliver stronger support material for our customers and channel partners. The newly revised eLearning for MDaemon course consists of individual, subject-oriented modules that combine to provide the important training information for those who install, configure, and maintain the MDaemon Email Server. It presents both the concepts of messaging and the practical applications of using MDaemon, such as account maintenance, mailing list management, and spam control.

The training course is comprised of seven self-paced modules that use conceptual illustrations, practical screen examples, and review questions to give administrators a solid foundation of product knowledge. eLearning for MDaemon will be available 24-hours a day, seven days a week; anywhere you have access to the Internet and a web browser.

Additional advanced courses for MDaemon, as well as training for other products in the Alt-N Technologies portfolio will be released throughout the year.

To learn more, review the course outline, try an interactive demo, or to purchase eLearning visit our new eLearning page.

Network World Review Acknowledges What MDaemon Users Already Know

In a recent Exchange Alternative Product Review conducted by Network World, the MDaemon Email Server for Windows was praised for offering the "easiest management" of the products tested. It was the only product that received a screen shot in the print article with a caption that read, "In our testing, Alt-N Technologies' MDaemon system provided the best management facilities. The view it provided into the system queues is unprecedented." The article also stated, "the logging and visibility into system queues is certainly the best we've ever seen in more than 20 years of looking at mail servers."

Read the entire Network World article at Exchange alternatives: Pros and cons.

Do you have a comment or feedback about this article? Send a comment to marketing@altn.com.

New! Live, Interactive SecurityGateway Demonstration

Now you can experience a real-time, virtual environment of the SecurityGateway for Exchange and SMTP Servers.

MDaemon Email Server for Windows
– 10.0.5 Recently Released!

MDaemon Email Server for Windows and MDaemon FREE Mail Server 10.0.5 includes over 35 fixes and numerous enhancements including enabling DKIM ADSP processing by default and changes to Minger lookups. To learn more, please review the Release Notes.

SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP Servers
– 1.1.4 Now Available!

SecurityGateway for Exchange and SMTP Servers version 1.1.4 enables DKIM ADSP processing, improves quarantine report and logging maintenance options, and includes numerous fixes as well. For additional information, please view the Release Notes

RelayFax Network Fax Manager
– 6.7.9 Now Available!

RelayFax Network Fax Manager 6.7.9 addressed an issue that could cause pages of a fax to be corrupted when receiving faxes with a CAPI device. Version 6.7.8 provided several updates to the fax engine in addition to several fixes to the software.  Please see the RelayFax Release Notes for more information.

Stay Current and Keep Your Business Protected

Renew your Upgrade Protection today to stay current with the latest releases of MDaemon Email Server for Windows and to keep receiving the benefits of the powerful antivirus protection of SecurityPlus for MDaemon!
Preventing Duplicate Messages

Some users have posted to the forums that they are receiving more duplicate messages when using MDaemon 10. Here are two Knowledge Base articles that can help:

MDaemon 10.x: Why do we receive duplicates when receiving mail via DomainPOP?

MDaemon 10.x: How can I prevent duplicate messages when using POP?

<nobr>Recent Knowledge Base Articles</nobr>

KBA-01294 — How to back up MDaemon

KBA-01371 — Upgrading to a newer version of MDaemon

KBA-01516 — How do I move RelayFax to the same path on a new machine?

KBA-01612 — How do I setup the Outlook Connector Client?

KBA-01623 — MDaemon won't start (or crashes) when Windows 2003 SP1 or Windows XP SP2 is installed

KBA-02012 — Many incoming SMTP connections show Winsock Error 10054

KBA-02061 — MDaemon 10.x: How to run MDSpamD on a separate machine

KBA-02151 — How do I move RelayFax to a new path or drive on a new machine?

KBA-02154 — How to install and configure Nexthaus' SyncJE client on the Blackberry Bold

Community Forums

Stay up-to-date with other users at the Community Forums
Using the RelayFax Client with Vista Home

The RelayFax Network Fax Manager Server cannot be installed on Windows XP Home Edition or Vista Home Edition. However, the RelayFax client can be installed on Home Edition, but the cover page options will not work because these versions of the operating system do not include "Fax Services," also known as "Windows Fax and Scan." The RelayFax client can be installed under these platforms, but .cov format cover pages are not supported. To work around this configure the RelayFax server to attach a default cover page.

In RelayFax:
 1. Go to File | RelayFax Properties
 2. Select the "Fax Server" tab
 3. Select "Browse" next to the "Default Cover Page" field and choose your preferred cover page
 4. Click "Apply" and "Ok"

Please note: In Windows Vista & XP (both Pro versions), the fax service does not install by default. You will need to install it separately before installing RelayFax.

For more information, please see RelayFax System Requirements.
The MDaemon Email Server User Community is now a LinkedIn Group!

Now you can connect with other MDaemon professionals on the LinkedIn social network site. Request to join the Group by following this link.

Help Spread the Word

CNET Download.com & Tucows.com
Do you think the MDaemon Email Server is a great messaging product? Help tell others by submitting a review at the bottom of Download.com’s MDaemon Email Server page orTucows’ MDaemon Email Server for Windows page. Registration might be required on either site if you are not an existing member.

Are you one of the 400,000 members of the Spice Works Community? If so, cast your vote to keep MDaemon at the top of the "Best Email Server" list by visiting http://community.spiceworks.com/spice_list/show/9.


Be sure to add an RSS feed from the blog Everything MDaemon to your list of resources. It’s another way to continue building a strong user community.

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