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[Smith, Scott]
Scott Smith
Scott Smith - 10:12am, Jun 10 2009
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June 2009

Welcome to News@Alt-N. Each month we bring you the latest information about products, recent developments, and tips intended to keep you informed with what is happening at Alt-N Technologies.

In This Issue:

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Word of Mouth Referrals Can Save You Money!

There is no better form of product awareness than that of a customer referral. And to recognize the value that our loyal customers provide, Alt-N Technologies is pleased to announce the Customer Referral Program. Each new customer who purchases either MDaemon or SecurityGateway from your referral earns you a 10% credit on your next renewal. Refer 5 new customers who buy, and that's 50% off your renewal! Plus, we will offer a 10% discount to the new customer whom you refer!

Visit the Customer Referral Program page to get started or to learn more.

Can A Browser Really Make A Difference? Yes!

(Kevin Beatty – Marketing Director)

I've been told on a number of occasions by our WorldClient webmail developer that Internet Explorer (IE) is a slow browser compared to others on the market. But like many users I continue to use IE because I am familiar with the layout, navigation, etc.; besides, why should I change? So when I recently began testing Mozilla's Flock browser (the company's version of Firefox for social media users) with WorldClient I was truly amazed at how much faster the webmail client operates.

As the chart demonstrates, there is quite a big difference in terms of performance between IE and other browsers.

If you are a WorldClient webmail user like me, you may want to try Mozilla's Fire Fox or another browser and experience the performance enhancements for yourself. It does make quite a big difference.

Please feel free to comment at marketing@altn.com.

SecurityPlus for MDaemon: What Is Your Level of Risk Tolerance?

SecurityPlus delivers an additional layer of protection for the MDaemon Email Server in the same way a house is better protected when doors are locked and an alarm system monitors every entry point. Many customers believe they are not vulnerable to attacks since they use a client level, signature-based anti-virus solution. However, what they may not realize is that everyday real-time malware variants that have yet to be identified with a protection signature from security providers hit the Internet and present an additional level of risk to email networks.

Did you know that the real-time Outbreak Protection component of SecurityPlus prevented customers from being exposed to over 377,000 malware variants in the month of May alone!* That is an average of 94,000 weekly real-time exposures that have not received any traditional anti-virus signatures updates.

Are you leaving your users exposed to the outbreak of these daily forms of new malware variants? If you are, you may want to review your organization's potential risk and consider adding SecurityPlus for MDaemon to your layered security strategy.

* Source: Variant Detection Log data from Commtouch.

Do you have a comment or feedback about the articles in this section? Send a comment to marketing@altn.com.

RelayFax: Save Inbound Faxes to a Network Share

If you would like to save all inbound faxes to a network share, you can follow these easy steps.

1.  Ensure that RelayFax has proper network resource access rights. Go to File – Network Resource Access,
     and then enter login credentials for an account that has access to the network.
2.  Create your inbound rule in RelayFax:
     a.  Go to Rules – Inbound Fax Rules
     b.  Select the option "If the fax arrives via port"
     c.  Enter an asterisk (*) in the blank provided
     d.  If you do not wish to use an asterisk, you can enter a single port number,
          and then create a new rule for each port
     e.  In the "Then do this…" section, select "Copy fax to folder," then click "Add rule"
     f.  Browse to the desired network folder, then click "Ok"

Enabling DNS-Blacklist (DNS-BL) in MDaemon 10.03 and Later Versions

When upgrading to MDaemon 10.03 or above from an earlier version, the DNS-BL feature may be disabled. Many MDaemon administrators leave the DNS-BL feature enabled so that all incoming IP addresses will be checked against various blacklists. If they have been blacklisted, it means their IP has been flagged for one of various types of abuse or suspicious activity, such as allowing open relaying, spoofing, etc. Allowing MDaemon to reject connections from blacklisted IP addresses is an added layer of security against spam. By having this feature disabled, many users may see increased levels of spam entering their mail system.

The DNS-Blacklist feature has undergone some internal coding changes. As a result, this feature may be disabled after application of the 10.03 update. It can be easily re-enabled using the UI (Ctrl+P and selecting the DNS-BL node from the left-hand tree-view control).

In addition to the above steps, you can also re-enable this feature by going to Security - Spam Filter. Select "Hosts" under the "DNS-BL" section, then check the box "Enable DNS-BL queries."

MDaemon Email Server for Windows
— 10.1 on its Way!

MDaemon Email Server for Windows version 10.1 is planned for a late June release. This update will feature several improvements and enhancements including an improved WorldClient web mail application among many other features.

SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP Servers
— 2.0 on its Way!

Look for SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP Servers version 2.0 to be released in early July! Stay tuned for more information.

Stay Current and Keep Your Business Protected

Renew your product license today to stay current with the latest releases of MDaemon Email Server for Windows and all of your Alt-N products.
The MDaemon Email Server User Community is now a LinkedIn Group!

Now you can connect with the nearly 200 other MDaemon professionals on the LinkedIn social network site. Request to join the MDaemon User Community.

Help Spread the Word

CNET Download.com & Tucows.com
Do you think the MDaemon Email Server is a great messaging product? Help tell others by submitting a review at the bottom of Download.com's MDaemon Email Server page or Tucows' MDaemon Email Server for Windows page. Registration might be required on either site if you are not an existing member.

MSExchange.org & ServerFiles.com
Have you had a positive experience using SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP Servers? Help spread the word and let others know your success by visiting SecurityGateway's listings on MSExchange.org or ServerFiles.com.

Are you one of the 400,000 members of the Spice Works Community? If so, cast your vote to keep MDaemon at the top of the "Best Email Server" list by visiting http://community.spiceworks.com/spice_list/show/9.


Be sure to add an RSS feed from the blog Everything MDaemon to your list of resources. It's another way to continue building a strong user community.

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