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[Smith, Scott]
Scott Smith
Scott Smith - 11:15am, Aug 20 2009
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August 2009

Welcome to News@Alt-N. Each month we bring you the latest information about products, recent developments, and tips intended to keep you informed with what is happening at Alt-N Technologies.

In This Issue:

•  What's New?
•  Did You Know?
•  Product Updates
•  Community
Alt-N Technologies on YouTube.com

Ever wanted to share information about Alt-N Technologies' products with others? You can now direct them to Alt-N Technologies' new YouTube.com channel. This channel contains general profile information about the company, videos of our products, and links to some of our partners' videos.

We will be adding mobile device set-up videos and other product-related videos in the next few months. You can also make suggestions on videos that you would like to see by sending feedback to training@altn.com.

Please help us to share this information by subscribing to our channel, commenting on our videos, and giving us friend status.
eLearning for SecurityGateway Now Available

SecurityGateway is the latest self-paced product training course to be offered in Alt-N Technologies' eLearning portfolio. This course includes 7 comprehensive modules with a number of video tutorials that guide users in effectively setting-up and managing SecurityGateway in any businesss environment. It is a fast and affordable way to build your technical expertise while leveraging the many features and reports found in the product. Check out the new eLearning section for more information and get started today.
Save Money by Providing a Referral!

There is no greater compliment than that of a customer referral. To encourage you to tell your associates about us, Alt-N Technologies wants to reward you for doing so through our new Customer Referral Program. Refer a new potential customer and earn a 10% credit on your next renewal when your referral purchases MDaemon or SecurityPlus. Refer 5 new customers who buy, and that's 50% off your renewal! Plus, we will offer a 10% discount to each new customer you refer!

Visit the Customer Referral Program page to get started or to learn more.
It's Official: Alt-N Technolgies is a Great Place to Work

Dallas Business Journal
The Dallas Business Journal recently identified Alt-N Technologies as a Top 25 small business "Best Places to Work" company! This annual program, now in its seventh year, is a highly sought-after designation. Hundreds of companies in North Texas compete for the honor each year. The rankings for all companies will be revealed at a September 17th luncheon hosted by the Dallas Business Journal.

Do you have a comment or feedback about the articles in this section? Send comments to marketing@altn.com.
SecurityGateway — Active Directory Failure to Connect

In SecurityGateway, when using Active Directory as your user verification source, if you receive "Failed to connect to AD host "Server Name," port 389 Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password," verify the following two settings:

1.  Make sure the format for the username is "user @domain.com", where domain.com is your NT domain.
2.  In the "Host name or IP" field, use the name of the domain's primary domain controller.
SecurityGateway — Custom Branding

If you would like to change the banners that are displayed by SecurityGateway, you can follow these steps:

1.  Select Setup/Users
2.  Then select "Branding/Custom Images" in the left-hand navigation menu
3.  Check the option "Use custom images"
4.  Browse to the image file you wish to use, then select "Upload custom image"
5.  Make sure your images match the default dimensions —
     400x99 for the main banner and 202x53 for the navigation menu banner
WorldClient Web-Mail for MDaemon — Extend Sessions

If WorldClient users are being logged out after a period of time, with the message "Your session has expired," you can extend the period of time that MDaemon will allow the session to remain open.

1.  In MDaemon, select Setup | Web & SyncML Services
2.  Then, under the default "Web Server" page, adjust the value under "Sessions not composing a
     message expire after ___ minutes"
3.  Click "Ok" to save your changes
WorldClient Web-Mail for MDaemon — No IE6 Support with "LookOut" Theme

Because of the powerful changes to the "LookOut" theme over the last several versions of MDaemon and because of the advancement of web technologies and standards since 2001, the "LookOut" theme no longer supports Internet Explorer 6. Users of Internet Explorer 6 or lower are now redirected to the Standard theme so that they may continue to gain access to their email and other groupware data. It is strongly recommended that users upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 or use FireFox which have significant improvements in security, rendering quality, and performance.
More Powerful SPAM Protection with SecurityGateway 2.0.0

Just released, SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP Servers version 2.0.0 builds upon its proven feature set to protect against spam, viruses, phishing, spoofing, and other forms of email-borne malware. Robust outbound email filtering policies protect against data leaks, and infected computers on the local network. SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP Servers' unsurpassed inbound and outbound email filtering delivers a complete email security gateway solution for your business.
New features include:

•  Improved message content filter
•  Message disclaimers; apply a header or footer to
•  Improved heuristic rule processing for more
   accurate spam filtering
•  Account (user) level statistics
•  Attachment text extraction and filtering for email
   policy enforcement
•  Collect mail from a POP3 mailbox
•  Scheduled server statistic reports
If you are currently using another email gateway product, or using MDaemon Email Server for Windows as an email gateway for Exchange, take a test drive of SecurityGateway's features and reporting functionality in its virtual demonstration or download a 30-day free trial today .

Or, if you are currently researching spam firewall software for your business, see how favorably SecurityGateway stacks up versus the competition with our detailed feature comparisons.

For a full listing of the new features, changes, and updates in this release, review the release notes for more information. Start providing more powerful protection for your business by downloading today!
Outlook Connector for MDaemon
— 2.2.3 Available Now!

Outlook Connector for MDaemon version 2.2.3 is a patch release fixing several issues with earlier releases. For a full listing of the updates in this release, review the Release Notes for more information. And download today to keep your business up-to-date.
RelayFax Network Fax Manager
— 7.0.0 Coming Soon

RelayFax Network Fax Manager 7.0.0 is coming with some exciting new features including Fax Over IP and an improved user interface. If you're not currently using RelayFax for your business, download a free 30-day trial to see the benefits of getting rid of the old clunky fax machine and to start enjoying faxing without leaving your desk.
Stay Current and Keep Your Business Protected

Renew your product license today to stay current with the latest releases of MDaemon Email Server for Windows and all of your Alt-N products.
The MDaemon Email Server User Community is now a LinkedIn Group!

    Now you can connect with over 200 other MDaemon professionals on the LinkedIn social network site. Request to join the MDaemon User Community.

Check out the latest MDaemon User Community discussion on personalizing WorldClient.
Help Spread the Word

CNET Download.com & Tucows.com
Do you think the MDaemon Email Server is a great messaging product? Help tell others by submitting a review at the bottom of Download.com's MDaemon Email Server page or Tucows' MDaemon Email Server for Windows page. Registration might be required on either site if you are not an existing member.

MSExchange.org & ServerFiles.com
Have you had a positive experience using SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP Servers? Help spread the word and let others know your success by visiting SecurityGateway's listings on MSExchange.org or ServerFiles.com.

Are you one of the 400,000 members of the Spice Works Community? If so, cast your vote to keep MDaemon at the top of the "Best Email Server" list.

Be sure to add an RSS feed from the blog Everything MDaemon to your list of resources. It's another way to continue building a strong user community.
Newsletter Archive

Missed the last edition of News@Alt-N? Don't worry, because now all editions of News@Alt-N are archived on our Literature page. It's also a great place to find the latest product data sheets, white papers, product reviews, and case studies.

We would like to hear from you. If you have comments or suggestions on this specific newsletter, please let us know by sending an email to marketing@altn.com.

Copyright © 2009 Alt-N Technologies, Ltd. MDaemon is a registered trademark of Alt-N Technologies. All rights reserved.
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