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scott.smith@altn.com - 03:59pm, Sep 28 2010
Interactive Marketing Manager, Alt-N Technologies

September 2010

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In This Issue:

•  Upcoming MDaemon 12
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•  MDaemon & SecurityGateway Tips
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MDaemon 12 – Preparing for an Exciting New Version!

The newest version of MDaemon continues to go through testing as we prepare for its release. The new version will provide improved performance, and exciting groupware and mobility features, including improved contact, calendar, tasks, and notes synchronization. Be ready to take advantage of the new release by making sure your MDaemon Upgrade Protection is up-to-date.

Upgrade Protection is available for all products and ensures access to the most current major or minor software updates free of charge for the duration of the Upgrade Protection period. Upgrade Protection can be extended in 12-month increments to a maximum of 24-months at any one time.
MailStore Email Archiver for MDaemon

Many Alt-N resellers provide additional archiving functionality beyond MDaemon's simple archiving features. Alt-N's UK distributor, Zen Software, has been offering customers MailStore as a simple, scalable solution for overloaded mailboxes. MailStore installs alongside the MDaemon server, archiving copies of all incoming and outbound email to a highly scalable Firebird database, so it is no longer necessary to keep a copy of every message on the server. Messages in existing PST files and IMAP/POP accounts can also be quickly and easily imported.

An Outlook plug-in makes it simple for users of Outlook Connector to have fast access to their archived email, while those using WorldClient can access their email via the Web interface or iPhone Web app.

Features include:

      •   Archives all inbound and outbound email
      •   Fast, text-based searching of archived mail and attachments
      •   Archive access via Outlook plug-in, Web, GUI, or iPhone Web app
      •   Message de-duplication and attachment encryption
      •   No proprietary database licenses required
      •   Integrated archive backup facility

See how MailStore can help your business today by downloading a free 30-day trial.

MDaemon Email Server includes a solid archive solution. For more robust archiving solutions Alt-N Technologies recommends solutions from several of our partners including MailStore, Marco, and Archive Server for MDaemon. More information on these solutions or MDaemon's built-in offerings is available on the Email Archiving for MDaemon page.

Do you have a comment or feedback about the articles in this section? Send comments to marketing@altn.com.
Maximize SecurityGateway's Performance

The following recommendations will help you get the best performance out of SecurityGateway.

      •   While SecurityGateway requires at least 512 megs of RAM, we recommend 2 gigs or more, especially
          if the server is going to see a lot of traffic. Also, a dual- or quad-core processor is recommended.
      •   Consider setting SecurityGateway to save message-logs and backups to a different drive than the
          one which SecurityGateway is installed on. You may change the directories SecurityGateway uses for
          different features under Setup / Users in the bottom-left corner, then Directories on the left.
      •   Likewise, setting up SecurityGateway on a separate drive from the operating system will help
          improve performance.
      •   Use caution when increasing the amount of information that SecurityGateway records in its logs,
          and how long it retains information, as that can both increase the amount of disk-space used, and
          the amount of CPU processing power needed to filter messages
Running SpamAssassin on a Separate Server from SecurityGateway

The SpamAssassin (SpamD) processes can be run on a different server than the server SecurityGateway is running on. This should be considered if you would like to free up more resources on your server, if you have a large number of messages to process, or if you have more than one SecurityGateway server and want to use the same SpamAssassin settings, rules, and Bayesian database for all.

For step-by-step instructions on running SpamAssassin on a different server, please see the knowledge base article on our website.
Enable MDaemon to Honor the EHLO Command

If users are unable to send outbound email messages, and upon reviewing your MDaemon logs, you see the following: "502 This server configured to NOT honor EHLO at present"

The following steps can be taken to correct this in MDaemon 10 or later.

      1.  Go to Setup | Default Domain & Servers.
      2.  Click on "Servers" in the left-hand navigation menu.
      3.  Check the box "…uses ESMTP when possible."
      4.  Click "Apply" and "Ok."
We are hard at work improving many of our other products and pleased to announce the updated versions of the following products:
SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP Servers
— Version 2.0.4

SecurityGateway has received a minor update to version 2.0.4. This update also includes several fixes to the most recent version. For a full listing of updates included in this release, review the release notes for more information.

SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP Servers is an email spam firewall that offers simple administration, powerful filtering, and accurate results. To see for yourself, put it to the test with a 30-day free trial of our latest version.
ProtectionPlus for SecurityGateway
— Version 2.0.0

ProtectionPlus has received a major update alongside its SecurityGateway counterpart. This version 2.0.0 update requires SecurityGateway 2.0.4 or later to run. The new version updates the Kaspersky AV Engine to version The updater now uses Kaspersky's Updater SDK 8 which improves download speed and provides a more reliable definition update. For a full listing of updates included in this release, review the release notes for more information.

ProtectionPlus extends and compliments the built-in features of SecurityGateway by offering an additional anti-virus engine from Kaspersky Lab and the Recurrent Pattern Detection and Zero-Hour Outbreak Protection of Commtouch. Start enhancing your security today by downloading a 30-day free trial of ProtectionPlus for SecurityGateway.
Outlook Connector for MDaemon
— Version 2.2.5

Outlook Connector has recently been updated to version 2.2.5. This update adds a new database management feature allowing the database to be compacted and message bodies to be purged. It also applies several other performance improvements and enhancements. Review the release notes for more information.

Outlook Connector for MDaemon includes one year of free upgrade protection to safeguard your investment. Download the free, fully functional 30-day evaluation software to see how Outlook Connector can improve your business' collaboration abilities.
Help Spread the Word

Help Alt-N Technologies' awareness in the user community by offering comments to any of the following web sites or providing a referral:

Now you can connect with over 200 other MDaemon professionals on the LinkedIn social network site. Request to join the MDaemon User Community.

Check out the latest MDaemon User Community discussion on personalizing WorldClient.

Have you had a positive experience using SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP Servers? Help spread the word and let others know your success by visiting SecurityGateway's listings on WindowSecurity.com. They are a leading site featuring Windows security news, articles, tutorials, software listings, and reviews for information security professionals covering topics such as firewalls, viruses, intrusion detection and other security topics.

If you are a former Exchange user and want to help with Word of Mouth marketing for MDaemon as a great alternative email server for small-to-medium businesses, we could use some votes and comments on a new "alternative" site. Please visit the MDaemon Email Server page on the "Alternative To" website. You can leave a comment and give us a "Like" vote to share your experience. We want to help other users looking for alternatives to Exchange learn more about MDaemon. Thanks for your loyalty and support!

Check out our new YouTube.com channel featuring company profile information, product videos, and links to our partners' videos. Please help us to share this information by subscribing to our channel, commenting on our videos, and giving us friend status.

Are you one of the 400,000 members of the Spice Works Community? If so, cast your vote to keep MDaemon at the top of the "Best Email Server" list.
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