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Calendar permissions - duplicate events in activesync

[Antoine, Rob]
Rob Antoine
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Rob Antoine - 10:55am, Oct 28 2019

Dear all,
Dear Arron,

This is not really a technical issue. This is why I send it here.

We are using MDameon v.19 in our organization and I am not able to find out how to work with a simple matter...

In addition to usual accounts, we have created an account called "resource" with its own calendar.
In the settings of this account called "resource", we have given the permission for multiple accounts to view/edit calendar events.
The idea is to let allowed accounts view the events from "resource".

The consequence of this action is that every allowed accounts now see the calendar from account "resource" in their own Worldclient and through Activesync, which is what we wanted to do.
The problem is that with Acrivesync every single event is also duplicated in allowed user's own calendar (no duplication in Worldclient). So now every event in the "resource" account can be seen two times on mobile phones, which is annoying...

Maybe there is another way to proceed, or there is a box somewhere to avoid duplicating an event in the calendar of the accounts to whom we gave a permission to view another calendar ?

Thanks for your ideas !

Best regards,


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Rob Antoine - Oct 30, 2019 6:28 am (#1 Total: 2)  


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Rob Antoine
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Any thougths ?

Jared Charles (apparently) - Nov 1, 2019 5:38 pm (#2 Total: 2)  

via email  

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Jared Charles
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Hello Rob,

I am trying to figure out exactly how all of those users are seeing those duplicate entries in their own calendars on their devices.  Normally, you would only see one instance of an appointment as long as there was not also a duplicate that was actually in another calendar.  The only thing that comes to mind is the possibility that those users have the “resource” account set up on their device in either an ActiveSync or a CalDAV account.  If that were the case, they would see the event in the “resource” account’s calendar and a duplicate in the “resource” calendar that is shared with the user’s account.

If they do not have the “resource” account actually set up on their devices, then there is some other reason they are seeing those duplicate events.

When a user has access to a different shared calendar other than the “resource” calendar, does that shared calendar’s entries show up duplicated on the ActiveSync device?

Are all users with ActiveSync devices who have access to the “resource” calendar experiencing this problem, or does this only occur with certain users?

What types of mobile devices are those affected people using to access that calendar?

Are they using a particular third-party sync application on their devices to sync that calendar, or are they using the stock application that came with the device?

If you set up a new MDaemon account that only has access rights to the “resource” calendar and no other shared or public calendars, are you able to reproduce the problem if you set up that test account on an affected mobile device?

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