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Moving Mdaemon to new server - 02:36am May 19, 2022 CDT - Wells its been just under a year since I was unable to migrate my working server installation to a new machine. I have since created a new computer and have tried the migration again, with the exact same results.

I have followed every step to transfer the files to the new machine, updated the relevant .ini and .dat files with the paths to the new mail folder location and once again, mdaemon starts and appears to be working, and I can use webmail without an issue, but remote administration works ONLY from the same computer as mdaemon is running on...

Mdaemon started crashing overnight and will not run - 02:13am Mar 31, 2022 CDT - Arron, thank you SO much for responding to my message.

I actually came to the same conclusion as you after taking a nap and having a bloody mary and thinking about it.

Lo and behold, in the LOCAL queue folder were two messages...

Mdaemon started crashing overnight and will not run - 07:58am Mar 31, 2022 CDT - Windows 10, Mdaemon 19.5.3

I went to bed last night with a functioning mdaemon installation, it has been running for months. I do not update the server its on, and have made no changes.

I woke up to an error message that the system service is not running and to restart it...

Moving Mdaemon to new server - 03:28am Jul 28, 2021 CDT - I will check those things when I try to move it again, but shouldnt this be a pretty simple thing to do ?

I am (trying to) move a working installation from one PC to another, the only thing different is that the user email files are in a different location (updated in relevant ini and dat files). When I copy the directory to the new server, shouldnt all the settings you are asking me to verify come across same as they are on the working install ?

Moving Mdaemon to new server - 02:36am May 19, 2022 CDT - I am attempting to move my mdaemon 19.5.3 to a new server (original server was running windows 7, new server is running Windows 10 Pro. I have read the instructions (remove service, deactivate, copy directory, update mdaemon.ini to new locations, update userlist.dat to new locations, install same version over copied directory structure).

I have two issues..


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