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[Announce] Alt-N Product News and Resources - 12:18pm Nov 18, 2009 CDT -

October 2009

•  Recent Spam Trends
•  Saving Money with Integrated Faxing
•  Updated Mobility Resources
•  Customer Referral Program
•  SecurityGateway 2 Out Now

In This Issue:

•  What's New?
•  Did You Know?
•  Product Updates
•  Community
Financial Crisis and Healthcare Debate Shape Recent Spam Trends

For the second quarter in a row, there were spikes in email-borne viruses not caught by major anti-virus engines, differentiating these last two quarters from rather consistently low numbers seen during the previous 18 months. A similar spike was reported last quarter, but this quarter's increase was due to the massive outbreak of two particular viruses and their numerous variants. Read more in the Q3 2009 Internet Threat Trend Report...


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