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Help with SPAMBOT - 05:54am Jul 7, 2022 CDT - Hello Arron,

Security / Spambot detection/ and "advanced" button under "backlist offending Ip's for time" this is where can see blocked IP's.
Next is yesterday even the trusted source wasn't able to sent an email to use as spambot has blocked his mail server IP's and we know for sure where is no spambot and logs doesn't show anyone else who tried to connect to our server at the same time from the same IP or IP range! Does my spambot is broken?..

Help with SPAMBOT - 06:25am Jul 2, 2022 CDT - Hello Arron, thank you for your reply.
I went via logs again and I don't see more than 10 messages sent at the same time from other Gmail users then one of the users gets blocked. Usually what gets blocked is a return path for just 10min so I can sport what is this return path next is a range of 10 IP addresses are blocked as well for a much longer time...

Help with SPAMBOT - 07:04am Jul 7, 2022 CDT - Hello,
I have spambot detection enabled with default values:
Max different IP's per given time. Max 10
Time: 10 min and all the rest settings blocking return path and IP's
All worked fine for a long time while recently GMAIL users started reporting that emails sent to our server being blocked and are getting default bounce back email with error 551 5.5.1 too many IP's seen within time.

Logs are showing that spambot detection does it job by blocking some gmail emails...

After Migration no connection on outlook via port 25 - 06:47am Nov 23, 2021 CDT - The log shows nothing, as actually there is no problem on the mail server. It's Sophos XG transparent firewall does SMTP scans and stops port 25 allowing only secure connections Sorry lads to bother you but it was good practice setting up Mdaemon between different types of firewalls

After Migration no connection on outlook via port 25 - 08:09am Nov 15, 2021 CDT - Looks like it settled down and its only new outlook app is not able to connect via port 25. Thich is weird anyway.


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